Bern Kelly to release “Arcadia” – the fourth installment of monthly single series

Nashville songwriter Bern Kelly is set to release a new single “Arcadia” (December 1 via Underpass Records). This release is the fourth in a series of monthly pulp/noir inspired singles following September’s “Tina Walks into the Hardware Store,” October’s “5 to 10,” and November’s “It’s 1988.” This series of singles is also the first new music from Kelly since 2017’s acclaimed full-length album: Lost Films (“Instant Classic…9/10,” Glide Magazine).

The songs were written and produced by Kelly over the past year and feature Ben Dumas (The Wild Feathers) on drums and Travis Vance (Thomas Rhett) on bass. Each release is accompanied by pulp artwork designed by filmmaker and designer Jordan Noel (This World Alone).

“This collection finds characters toeing the line of right and wrong in the back alleys of their own lives” says Kelly. These narratives play out as short stories and include some questionable deeds both tangible and impalpable. “Arcadia” takes a look at a couple trying to hold on to their “Arcadia” or personal “Shangri-La” as it becomes the only thing they have left.”

The singles are releasing monthly on all digital outlets and will run into 2021


Written, Performed, Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by:
Bern Kelly

Drum Set:
Ben Dumas

Bass Guitar/Synth:
Travis Vance

Patrick Damphier

Jordan Noel

Michael Butcher

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